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This Country Australia was borne out of a desire to celebrate and support the amazing talent of our local makers, artisans and designers while providing a place to purchase high quality, genuine Australian gifts.  

Our carefully curated selection includes products that feature vibrant indigenous art, the nostalgic illustrations of Australian icon May Gibbs, luxuries made from native botanicals and locally designed wearables, homewares and decor.


My beautiful Bilum arrived safely (& speedily) in Paris, and now I wear it every day! I will definitely be ordering from this site again, it is such a wonderful concept & I am excited to share with friends.

Chanel Irvine

A Touch of Nostalgia

Gifts for Little Ones

A range of luxurious Australian linens, cot covers and wool teddies for children

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Stories about our products and collaborators


Causes We Support

Causes We Support

Purchasing products here supports worthwhile causes. The beautiful Bilum bags we have in stock are purchased through a not-for-profit organisation that has built a safe haven for women in Papua New Guinea called The Blue Haus. 

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Celebrating First Nation Craft

Celebrating First Nation Craft

We are honoured to feature the community of weavers on Mua Island in the Torres Straits. Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Arts (NLM), or Moa Arts as it's known, supports a strong tradition of artistic endeavour and cultural practices on Mua Island in the Torres Strait. 
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Colourful Australian gift baskets


Welcome to This Country Australia!  We all know what it's like to search for an exciting gift to take to family and friends overseas, it can be pretty disappointing. Unless you have lots of time to spend searching the markets...

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