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Celebrating First Nation Craft

Celebrating First Nation Craft

At This Country Australia, we celebrate our local designers, artists and makers. We will continue to grow our collection in the future.

It is fitting that we offer you some beautiful things from First Nation artists in our first week.

The scarves in our Wearable collection are from established artists and are such a beautiful gift . The product descriptions include information on the artist and their work.

We are honoured to feature the community of weavers on Mua Island in the Torres Straits. Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Arts (NLM), or Moa Arts as it's known, supports a strong tradition of artistic endeavour and cultural practices on Mua Island in the Torres Strait. The Torres Strait Islands is a group of at least 274 small islands located off the tip of Cape York, at the very north of Australia. 

Delissa Walker is a wonderful weaver who makes traditional dilly bags and mats. Her instagram page is inspiring.

I sourced the fun bold earrings in the Wearable collection from Indij Design, a 100% indigenous owned and operated architectural, interior and textile design practice. The earrings are called Sergeant Major earrings and when you see the photograph of the bright fish you really do appreciate the design. Love them!

As you look through the collections you will find some wonderfully contemporary pieces made using traditional methods. And we hope you find something to your taste.

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