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Colourful Australian gift baskets

Welcome to This Country Australia! 

We all know what it's like to search for an exciting gift to take to family and friends overseas, it can be pretty disappointing. Unless you have lots of time to spend searching the markets and galleries at the weekends, the range is pretty limited.  This is why This Country Australia was created.

This Country Australia aims to supply beautiful reminders of Australia and at the same time promote and celebrate our local designers and makers. 

Added to this I have a PhD in Homesickness. No that is not a real thing, in case you start looking on the university websites. I have lived it, been there, bought the T-shirt. I understand what it is like to need a few reminders of home in your home away. Hopefully you will find something here that brings some of the sunshine and optimism that Australia inspires. 

I have found products from ethical sources like registered art communities and some of our classic products like the May Gibbs range and the Bilum have powerful causes they support. I've mentioned them in the product descriptions. I will keep updating you as we add new products to our range. 

There is so much good stuff out there, creatives with abundant talent and I hope we have found something you like. We would love to hear about creative makers that  you like on our facebook page. Tell us about them . Let's celebrate them.