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About Us

This Country Australia was born out of a desire to celebrate and support the amazing talent of our local makers, artisans and designers while providing a place to purchase high quality, genuine Australian gifts.  


Our carefully curated selection includes products that feature vibrant indigenous art, the nostalgic illustrations of Australian icon May Gibbs, luxuries made from native botanicals and locally designed and produced wearables, homewares and decor.  


Every effort has been made to ensure that the products that are sold here are sourced ethically and directly benefit the communities and people who work hard to create them.  We love to share the stories of the people and places behind our products, such as the wonderful ladies of the outback town, Tambo, who produce our Tambo Teddies; and the weavers of PNG who hand-weave our beautiful bilums.  For me, these stories bring the products to life and make them extra special.


I hope you enjoy your visit to This Country Australia!


Tracey Polson | Founder